Surface Design

The stuff that patterns are made of in eight weeks

“Beautiful Stillness” from my collection Roots and Wings on wallpaper

In March/April 2021 I decided to invest into my very own education and signed up for Bonnie Christine‘s Immersion course in order to learn Adobe Illustrator, the basics and advanced stages of surface pattern design, the secrets of how to become a licensing artist and — most importantly — having big dreams!

You know the ones which are really scary to talk about in public, because once you’ve spoken them to loud, people will chase you up on them! But Bonnie believes it’s important to set BIG goals and then ACHIEVE them.

The course was divided into 6 modules and included 2 “implementation weeks” in order to allow enough room for doing exactly that — implementing all the good stuff each and every module was infused with. In order to make sure nobody got overwhelmed, Bonnie provided a highly skilled and knowledgable support team, Live Q&A sessions and a private community of more than 1000 likeminded students.

Even though I opened Adobe Illustrator for the very first time, I now feel comfortable enough to announce that I still don’t consider myself an expert, but I know my way around very well, and I’m loving it! As a result I found myself at my desk every day, eager to learn more, which enabled me not only to make one pattern collection, but 2!

“Fragments Hidden”, “Sweet Dreams” and “Whispering Stay” from Roots and Wings on fabric

You can take a closer look at the first collection “Roots and Wings” here, and view my other collection “Gaits to the Heart” here, and if you feel inspired to learn from the wonderful Bonnie Christine — I can only encourage you to get in touch with her! She’s not only an inspiring business woman, but she shares her knowledge generously and with an open heart!

By the way, I’m not an affiliate, but I feel strongly about her strategy and the results they provided, so why not point you into the same direction! And if you’re not sure yet — there is also a free mini course she offers! Just sign up for it on her website! Have fun! x